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About TASK

      Telugu Association of South Korea (TASK) is an organization of people of Telugu origin residing in South Korea. TASK was formed to preserve and propagate the Telugu cultural heritage and maintain the identity of people of Telugu origin and to provide a forum for Telugu literary, cultural, educational, social, and charitable interactions among its members. It was founded in October, 2003 as a group whose primary mode of communication is through internet.

      The Korean government opened its economy for Indian Software Engineers in November 2000. Since then the migration of Indians in general & Telugu people in particular to Korea has been steadily raising. The present population of Telugus in Korea would be approximately 300-400, of which most of them are in the software industry. Few of them are working in multinationals in various capacities. Initially all were clustered at different places in small groups. The coordination among the Telugu community was very less. So TASK was formed to deal with this situation.

      At present TASK has more then 150 members.

      These are the main objectives of TASK.

  • To unite the Telugu community in South Korea by

    • Celebrating festivals.
    • Organizing get-togethers, picnics and parties.
    • Conducting games and cultural activities.
  • To provide an effective medium of communication among the members, so that members can air their views and grievances and get proper responses.

  • To help the new members who are arriving to South Korea, so that they can settle down comfortably.

  • To take up issues related to Telugu community and convey them to Indian Embassy and Indian Government.

  • To strengthen total Indian community and provide positive image of our culture to South Korean community.

  • To technically help each other in their respective work areas, so that one can tackle the professional challenges competently.



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